Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's now the 9th day since Kosbaar has come to live with us.  She still spends quite a bit of time in her kennel (after all, she is still a patient and needs lots of rest after her ordeals), but smiles and wags her tail whenever she sees us.  Her appetite is very good, and she is quiet - so far we heard her bark only once, that was at dawn, several days ago.  I went outside to see why she was barking, and realized that she had heard our neighbour going to his car.  I spoke to her, said it was okay, and she went back into her kennel.  When she's recuperated well, we'll start training her to only bark when necessary.  We don't want her to annoy our neighbours by barking at every bit of movement and noise.

Initially, when we found her, her body was full of ulcers.  But because of her weakened condition, she probably did not have the energy to bother about it.  Now that she's getting better, she tends to scratch them severely, often until they bleed.  On Sunday morning Pierre went to the emergency chemist and bought a soothing ointment for the ulcers.  But as soon as it's been applied, she starts licking it, and they end up bleeding again.  Then we noticed that in the mornings, when we remove her jacket, the ulcers look less inflamed.  But a few minutes later, they're back to being inflamed and some even bleeding.  We came to the conclusion that the jacket (apart from keeping her warm during the cold nights) also helps prevent her from licking the ulcers.  So now I made her another jacket (again from one of her gift blankets), so we can leave it on during the day too, and can wash and rotate the jackets.  Hopefully it will help the ulcers to heal sooner, and with our weather becoming cooler by the day, the timing suits us.  We still continue with her medicated shampoo twice a week, as prescribed by the vet.

Here below is a snapshot of Kosbaar in her new jacket. 


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