Monday, May 28, 2018

Soon after my previous blog entry, Kosbaar's skin condition deteriorated. The patch on her neck which I mentioned last time, spread to the rest of her body again.  And we still had to keep giving her anti-diarrhoea medication twice a day, just to keep her stools from being totally watery.  We were feeling very despondent, like going forward a few steps, and then sliding backwards again.  Yet, she was still in good spirits, and that encouraged us.

This morning we took her back to the vet (who was back from leave).  The good news is that she weighed in at 28 kg.  Deduct the weight of her jacket (it was very cold) and keep in mind that initially when we found her, she was dehydrated, then I think we can look at a total weight gain of about 5 kg of flesh added to her bones, despite her intestinal problem :-).

Dr. de Villiers confirmed that the mange was not yet under control, and prescribed more medication for that, and another course of antibiotics (targeting the pathogenic intestinal bug/s), as well as a short course of cortisone, to give her relief of the obviously irritating itching.  She also suggested we change her feed to another type, at least until her intestines have settled.

We do feel a bit more positive now, and trust that from now on, there'll be progress only, and no more regression.



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