Sunday, June 17, 2018

It is now 3 weeks since my previous entry, and we can see a definite improvement in Kosbaar's condition.  Her diarrhoea is something of the past (what a relief!!) and she's getting more playful and energetic by the day.

She is still on treatment for her mange, which is still there, but it's looking much better. She is also getting more flesh on her bones, especially now that the pathogenic bugs in her intestines seem to have been given the final blow with her last bout of strong antibiotics.  We continue giving her probiotics and a herbal food supplement on a daily basis, to help her get back to where she should be.

She started chewing on wrong things (like my wooden garden board, painted by a friend) and also a piece of soap that was left at the outside tap ... :-(  So we bought her hooves to chew on, and at first she did not trust it.  Grabbed it, but then threw it down again, looking at it as though it may jump at her - it looked so funny! :-)  Eventually she got the hang of it, and now enjoys it.

Even if it is raining, and we arrive back home, she comes out into the rain to welcome us.  It's nice having her around!


17 June 2018

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